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Eyebrow Shaping

Re-shape brows using waxing or sugaring techniques. Excess hair can be removed from below the eyebrow line, where it does not serve any purpose, or it can be removed from above the eyebrow line to give shape. Eyebrow waxing can help keep pesky hairs off your face and make your brows look stylishly groomed all day long.

$20 – $25

Eyebrow Lamination

This treatment smooths brows in a vertical direction, hiding small gaps and creating an illusion of a fuller brow. This procedure is also called a brow perm and involves applying a cream to your brows after thoroughly cleaning them. This cream has enzymes that break down the protein bond in your brow hair, making them easier to shape. Next, your brows are brushed in an upward position to achieve a fluffy look. Lastly, another cream is applied after shaping, which reforms the broken protein bonds that keep your hair in place.


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Eyebrow Tinting

A safe solution is used to tint eyebrows. A beautiful addition for a flawless look. Eyebrow tinting is a quick and easy way to darken your brows. It’s a lot like dying your hair. It combines two effects. It colors the hairs themselves, but also slightly stains the skin underneath for an extra effect. Its power to thicken the brows lies in the fact that the dye colors all the super-thin baby hairs in the brow arches that are otherwise invisible. The shade left on the skin provides a light makeup look.


Eyelash Lift

The lash lift is a treatment that makes your natural lashes look longer, fuller, and denser by applying a mix of products that curl them upwards. No extensions are involved here, just your natural lashes which are given a new shape. The most popular version of the treatment involves both a lash lift and tint, so the hairs are also colored into a darker shade.


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Eyelash Tinting

This treatment is done using a safe product to tint your lashes. Works great with our eyelash lift service. Tinting is adding special dye to your eyelashes to make them darker. It’s a short, painless procedure.



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"Best experience ever! This salon uses their own products that just blow my mind. I was also able to buy the product and use it at home. The coconut lime body lotion is just amazing. Thank you for taking care of me and making me feel at home in your salon." - Adrienn

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