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About Us – Our Story

Most people who have had a bad manicure experience do some research until they find a new place to have their nails done. But most people are not Priscilla Smith, owner and founder of Paixxão.Co. She was so put off by the negative service at her local salon that she decided to leave behind a decade in property management for the nail industry. Paixxão opened its doors in 2016 and was aptly named after the Portuguese word for passion.

Paixxão is unique in that the salons, which are located throughout Albuquerque, use cool tones of mint and gray to evoke a refreshing and relaxing environment. The aesthetic also reinforces the salon’s super-clean standards, which are a priority. All of our services are considered to be a unique spa experience, offering unparalleled standards in salon hygiene. Our team has access to the best professional product lines in the industry, as well as our own local products. As a company, we know that we have to believe in the products we use and understand why we use them.


About Us – Our Team

Our salon nurtures the talented nail and beauty techs of the future. We create a warm and friendly environment for our staff by running monthly meetings to discuss the biggest beauty trends, challenges, and ways to innovate at the salon. New team members are given in-depth and specialized training, ensuring that they provide services up to our standard. We also offer our clients the option of booking services at different price points depending on the technician’s experience.

Priscilla Smith

Priscilla Smith


Karen Trevizo

Karen - NE Heights

As the training manager at our nail salon, I am dedicated to mentoring and training new technicians to excel in the industry. With a passion for helping young women achieve their goals, I provide expert guidance and support to help them become the best nail techs they can be.

Nakqi Smith


I enjoy traveling because it's like life, it's the journey that makes the destination so great. I am dedicated to bringing Paixão to the world.
Ingrid Arce Loya

Ingrid - San Mateo (Hair)

I like everything about the beauty industry. After doing an internship program with my school, I joined the Paixxao team as a hairstylist. I love working with color, doing highlights, and balayage. In my free time, I enjoy traveling.

Melissa Morales

Melissa - San Mateo (Hair)

My favorite hair service would be color services. It's always so rewarding seeing the client's face when they see their new look! For fun, I like to spend time and create memories with my family and friends.

Mariana Gomez

Mariana - San Mateo (Hair)

I enjoy working on any service with color. For fun, I enjoy spending time and traveling with my loved ones.

Makayla Baca

Makayla - Corrales

I love making people confident. I'm passionate about doing nails and aim for my clients to leave satisfied. I enjoy doing acrylic nails the most. In my free time, I love to keep creating by painting.

Ashley Jordan

Maggie - Corrales

I am so excited to be starting my nail career here at Paixxao. I specialize in custom color mixing and would love to work with you to get just the right color for your set. In my free time, I'm the queen of the craft room! I am always happy to talk about sewing and knitting.

Celeste Perez

Brook - NE Heights

I am excited to start my career at Paixxao.Co and meet new customers. Gel manicures are my favorite. For fun I like to paint and play video games.

Vy Torino

Vy - Corrales

As a kid, I loved to practice nail designs. Going to nail technician school was the best decision I made. I still enjoy doing nail art. A fun fact about me is that I love anything K-Pop.

Jasmine Saiz

Jasmine - NE Heights

I love to make people feel beautiful. As a nail tech, I get to do that every day. I enjoy doing BioSculpture and for fun, I like to create mixed drink recipes.

Izzy Kruis

Izzy - NE Heights

I have always been drawn to the nail industry. I love being a part of making people feel beautiful. My favorite service is pedicures. For fun, I like to hang out with my son and paint!

Adults Icon

Krisdee - NE Heights

I love making people feel good about themselves! My favorite thing about doing nails is doing nail art!

Justyne Martinez

Justyne - Corrales

Designing nail sets allows me to be as creative and as perfect as my heart desires. I love the satisfaction of a complete and polished (no pun intended) set. Nails are more than just a cosmetic service and I am honored to be part of the Paixxão team.

Justyne Martinez

Gabby - Corrales

I'm excited to start my journey here at Paixxao! Doing nails has always been a passion of mine growing up. I love doing nail art and helping people express themselves through their nails. I can't wait to meet you!

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